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    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    Something Colourwolf would not usually write

    Well, sometimes Colourwolf is just a curious and sensitive person. He sees a lot and infer a lot, althought those might not be true, you should know. He knows what is going on, yet he acts cool to protect himself. It is not easy to become someone like that, you have to detach yourself from reality and encase yourself in logic and sometimes lies in order to reach this state.

    He knows that you are suffering inside and trying to be strong, yet feeling guilty because you think it is your fault (or at least that is what he thinks). Colourwolf understands more but he just denies it. He wants a lot of people to be happy and free, but this wishful thinking is sometimes limited by the way he acts. He is sorry because he is walking backwards into his logic and lies, for he thinks that it is time for that to happen. Seeing you pretend and in pain torments him more than you think. Withdrawing seems to distant him and you more as you both hide more and more emotions from each other.

    Hopes that he will be the last person that will see you cry and that you will find your happiness eternally in the end


    Xin-Ci said...

    zomg i can't believe this. you actually typed something sweet! *gasp*

    dwinz87 said...