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    Saturday, June 13, 2009

    My 四奶奶 Story

    Based on the TVB drama series "Rosy Business"

    Chin Po Kei (aka Chin Lai Lai/Sei Lai Lai) was left with the burden of protecting the people of No Fail ( 無Fail) from famine and starvation when her husband passed away from sudden coronary heart disease that has no cure at that time. He left her his business, Hing Fung Assignments, a 100 year old business that deals with assignments. Her job was not easy, being the youngest wife and ahead of her time, she was faced with opposition from people with evil intentions.

    First, is the eldest wife, Choo Fung Yi (aka Choo Lai Lai/ Tai Lai Lai) who is always looking to protect his, I mean, her own interest in the organization. She sees Sei Lai Lai as an opposition and a threat to her power in the family. She wants to keep the status quo, and views Sei Lai Lai's radical changes as a threat to that. She is a smart person, never taking the first step otherwise forced to, and is able to make use of people aroud her. However, she wanted to make sure that Hing Fung Assignments prosper, as it affects her too.

    Second, the eldest son and supposedly heir to the family, Cheung Pit Jet, was brought up since young as a spoilt child. He is used to having power in Hing Fung Assignment, and treats the workers as inferior beings. Lacking in business skills, he always seem to be able to get Hing Fung Assignment into trouble. Also impulsive, rash, and easily angered, he acts without thinking, sometimes landing himself in huge trouble, only to be saved by his mother or Sei Lai Lai (who promised her husband to take care of him). Also a womanizer, he is seen to visit the local brothel in broad daylight and slept with his uncle's mistress, causing Sei Lai Lai to draw huge sums of money from Hing Fung Assignments to help him.

    On the contrary, Chin Lai Lai are also aided by a lot of capable people, who defend, support, and help her put her plans into actions in her crusade to protect Hing Fung Assignments and No Fail.

    Chai Sim, a refugee from a village devastated by a flood, met Chin Lai Lai by accident during a siege of refugees who was suffering from low marks, I mean, "starvation" on the products of Hing Fung Assignments. She, I mean, He later worked in Hing Fung Assignments as a coolie without pay. Using his wits, loyalty, and guts, he quickly rose from the lowly rank of coolie to Sei Lai Lai's right hand man. His dream was to be able to send 1 car 1 car thesis (一車一車 thesis) back to his thesis supervisor, Ooops, caregiver, Luk Po, who is suffering from famine. Luk Po was his anchor in life, encouraging him to go on no matter how hard life is. He have a very close relationship with Sei Lai Lai, defending her and endangering himself for Sei Lai Lai anytime, which makes people think that they are having an affair, which is illogical, as he had Graduation (a fatal infectious disease that all of No Fail citizens will get, unless they fail), making it impossible for Sei Lai Lai and Chai Sim to be intimate. To him, everyone in Hing Fung Assignments are idiots, except for Sei Lai Lai. He has a bloody feud with Cheung Pit Jet, Pit Jet sent assasins to kill him, but failed because of Chai Sim's deformity. Chai Sim once had the chance of killing Cheung Pit Jet, but Sei Lai Lai managed to persuade him not to. Chai Sim later died of the deadly disease of Graduation, however, his work is not forgotten to Sei Lai Lai and was forever enshrined in every hardcopy of Hing Fung Assignments's assignments that they did together.

    Sei Lai Lai saw potential in Cheung Pit Mir Faris, the second son of the family, to lead Hing Fung Assignments because he is very close to the workers, respectful, and enjoys working and talking with the workers. However, Pit Mir Faris is very very very lazy, does not want to take responsibility of important duties, and rather enjoy himself with the workers of Hing Fung Assignments. He was gullible and easily cheated by people, and fears taking charge of things. He was later trained by Sei Lai Lai to take over, and he was able to change himself (in the series, not yet in real life) to become a successful leader of Hing Fung Assignments.

    The local governor, Governor Mor (Mor 大人 ) is a greedy and selfish official in the city of No Fail. He would give good benefits to and bend the law for Tai Lai Lai because he gives him quality assignments, sorry, as long as SHE gives him heavy bribes. Governor Mor also seems to hate Sei Lai Lai because she is cutting back on Governor Mor's share.

    However, the law is not always against Sei Lai Lai. Prince Liau (Liau 王) would help Sei Lai Lai anytime because he knows that Sei Lai Lai is helping the people, and because of this, Governor Mor would have to give face to Sei Lai Lai.

    Pang Ling (not the Cantopop singer from Hong Kong, but that funnily evil character from Rosy Business) was the brother of the second wife of the husband of Sei Lai Lai, a logistic tycoon in No Fail, and an notorious underground mobster. He was in cahoots with Tai Lai Lai and Cheung Pit Jet, as the relationship benefited each other. He absolutely despises Chai Sim, and sees him as a worthless dog, nevertheless a formidable opponent. Tai Lai Lai and Cheung Pit Jet always look for Pang Ling to help them do their shady deals, as their status would not allow them to do such dirty work.

    In the end, after Chai Sim's death from Graduation, Sei Lai Lai and Cheung Pit Mir Faris helped Chai Sim fulfill his lifelong wish, where every year, they would send back 一車一車 thesis for Luk Po, to which she is still marking today.

    Disclaimer: This story is made up with half fact and whole lies. Some characters are put there because they are important characters of "Rosy Businesss". However, this does not means that the characteristics of the people that you think are linked to the characters in this story are not as described, but it also does not mean they are true. This is just for fun. So, like that la. To watch this story, please tune in to Astro On Demand channel 921-928 in year 3009 from 36 o clock to 48 o clock. Thank you.

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