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    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Colourwolf is Changing to Knowolf

    Yes, the title says it all. The title Colourwolf from today on will be replaced by Knowolf due to:

    1. The increasing number of people who is using Colourwolf/Colorwolf as their internet nicknames. (try googling or searching for that name in that popular social networking website, you will realize it does not refer to the person writing this entry.

    2. To reflect on the fact that the person writing this entry has more KNOWledge than the other 狼 out there.

    As you may have already know, the name Colourwolf was a literal translation of 色狼given to Clownlegend to honour his personality. But it seems to be losing its own uniqueness slowly since 2002 when the name was first given, and it seems to be time for the title 色狼 to regain its former lusture.

    Instead of changing the spelling or adding hearts or anything lala on that name, Clownlegend decided to play with the pronunciation this time. 色 (colour) sounds like 识 (know). The reason this word is chosen is because it shows that Clownlegend knows more than the other people who declare that they are 色狼s out there (excuse the inflation of ego, but considering Clownlegend's achievements and the typical guys who sit in CCs randomly adding people on their MSN through Friendster, Clownlegend reserves the right to do so ). And 狼 will not be changed since that is bloody normal anyway. So there you go, a new name to refer to Clownlegend by...

    识狼 =Knowolf (the w is taken out for it is redundant in the pronunciation,and because it is too long to type)

    By the way, yes, Knowolf did see people in the cc going through people's obsolete social networking website and adding people to their online messenger just because their pics look good on that obsolete social networking website. Then they tried to chat up the girl, by acting busy with "work" and official business, potraying a rich and busy status. Knowolf though "wow, he must be a busy manager or something" too. Turns out he might just be selling DVDs in SS2 on monday.

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