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    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Of Bloody FacadeTome and Annoying Questionnaires Share

    t wasn't that annoying at first,
    In fact it was quite fun.
    Doing all the quizzes,
    When there is nothing to be done.
    And then when it buzzes,
    it buzzed really loud.
    Everyone wanted
    to be nicely tested.
    And then my facadetome was spammed,
    by unworthy dirt.

    And now it is really annoying,
    to see the quizzes pop out.
    This is what hell is like,
    for serious psychometricians.
    All you people,
    forgot about validity.
    And that is why,
    All the quizzes are going crazy

    I challenge all of you,
    to prove the validity.
    Costruct, Face, and Predictive,
    Just show the stats to me.
    And if it really works,
    I recommend you keep it.
    You could be making millions,
    Selling your bloody quiz!

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