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    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Things Knowolf Know After Playing Pet's Society

    Although not convinced Pet's Society is the right term to use for the program (the pets are incapable of forming a society, they are just avatars), Knowolf is in fact hooked on it because he has a weakness for leveling and grinding. However, through the game, he has learnt how to be a good butler, asshole of a friend, cute prostitute, diva of a bimbo, and big spender because he has learnt that:

    1. Visiting your friends gets you money (much like borrowing relatives). Kissing them is the fastest way of making extra money...

    2. Gay Pride is a-ok!!!

    3. Your pets get an orgasm when u rub, brush, or clean them.

    4. Every pet is a professional athlete.

    5. Like Merryl Lynch and Lehmann Brothers, the bank encourages you to get more money from them and spend it all.

    6. Unlike Merryl Lynch and Lehmann Brothers, the bank make money from that.

    7. Throwing tantrums get your the food you want.

    8. Some owners are serious crazy and love their pets.

    9. Fighting is cute, funny, gives you money, and should be encouraged.


    10. Skin colour does not matter, whether you are yellow, black, white, brown, blue, magenta, turqoise.....Muhibbah beb.

    So, thank you pets society for adding knowledge to Knowolf's library...

    1 comment:

    Alexandra said...

    and you'll earn money by running into trees. really!!!