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    Thursday, April 30, 2009


    Today, Knowolf was driving out for a RM10 mixed ECONOMY rice in Taman Muda when he heard someone's name on the radio. So this certain someone is exceptionally famous in the Malaysian Tax Accounting/Auditing World, and as we know, the only people who can reach that type of status in Malaysia is a Chinese because:

    1. The Chinese are money minded.

    2. They are also the best in anything business related.

    (Please consider the fact that the Chinese are the first in snapping up all the ASM units compared to the Malays who were to lazy and Indians who are to drunk*)

    Now this once upon a time Knowolf had to survey lecturers for his thesis project, and this certain celebrity not only refused (Knowolf totally respected that), he slammed the door in Knowolf's face without saying anything. This person has written famous and well cited tax related accounting books, highly intellectual, and has great command of English, yet has the courtesy and politeness of a angry in heat alpha baboon whose partner was having an affair with the weak juvenile baboon from another pack.

    Now contrast this person with this other person. During the same project, Knowolf went to IIUM (if you really want to know where, google it) and went to the Department of Arabic Studies. There was this Malay lecturer who was an expert in Arabic language, and yet had poor command of English. Although Knowolf said it is okay if he rejected to participate (total respect for consent), this lecturer insisted that he helped out even though he explicitly said that his English is poor. He tried his very best to answer, and did not hesistate to ask questions. He even offered Knowolf a candy after the survey. Halfway through, a Middle Eastern lecturer walked in to borrow a "kamus" (Malay and Arabic for dictionary, the only word Knowolf could understand) and spoke in Arab so well that Knowolf thought he had a lot of phlegm in his throat.

    Contrasting this two person, both lecturers and professors locally, any wonder how Knowolf is a racist? You see, come on!!!

    The Chinese guy fits perfectly into the Lansi, Kiasu, Money-minded Chinese stereotype.

    The Malay guy with the ramah-mesra and the sweet-tooth.


    Disclaimer: The author realizes that there is use of racist stereotype in this post to invoke humour and thought, but not to disrupt racial harmony. The examples in this entry is a personal experience, and has not taken into account the mental and physical state of the person involved during the experience. The author hopes that everyone can laugh about it and not end up sharing a cell with Teresa Kok under Race Relations Act, only to be released at the next Prime Minister's installment.

    *= only for comedic effect, not a true reflection of the people who are labled such races. These characteristics are synthesized from mamak jokes.


    farah said...

    the way you write it makes it funny, not so much the content itself. nice one kokky!

    sw said...

    your disclaimer is like 1/3 of your post. Quite enough to cover your butt I think. :p